Personal training – Sandpoint, Idaho

I help you get and stay strong, so you can do the things you love to do. 

As we get older, we lose our muscle mass, which creates weakness and instability throughout the body. My ultimate goal is to teach you to disassociate the core from the periphery and integrate and strengthen the core and limbs. With this understanding, clients begin to increase balance, improve range of motion at all joints and develop stability to prevent falls.

I used to be a competitive elite gymnast. This gave me the body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility, and drive to do anything I set my sights on. Anything I excelled at I wanted to compete in so I began competing in bodybuilding, then snowboarding and mountain biking and a few rock climbing events. The thing that I continue to compete in is fitness. I do a fitness competition every 10 years to see if I have held on to my physique and athletic abilities as I age. At age 50, I entered my third fitness competition and finally won first place!!

The Gym

My gym is unconventional. You won’t find row after row of machines that isolate body parts. The gym’s heaviest weight is a 36-pound barbell because you can get to higher intensity without using heavier weights. 

Personal training

With TRX suspension straps, elastic bands, wobble cushions, Bosu and stability balls, and Pilates apparatus, we increase intensity and challenge stability. How? By making it harder to balance or by doing movements in a position that would cause you to work to balance (such as standing on one leg or two feet on a Bosu or wobble cushion). This challenges your proprioception (where you are in space) as you do the exercise.

You create a body that is not only strong but agile, where the entire body works together for stabilizing instead of isolating just one muscle. Don’t worry; we also isolate muscles so you can benefit from the stabilization throughout the body.

Because I focus on perfection of motion, most of my sessions are private, one on one, or semi-private. Each person gets more attention than when in a larger group. Performing exercises incorrectly can lead to injury. Having only one or two people to focus on allows me to pay attention to detail for optimal results!